Miss Haze (of Bitch Plz)

DnB Girls // Bitch Plz // Speaker Spanker Radio

Currently Ranked among the World's top Drum & Bass djs on TheDJlist.com, triple threat DJ/MC/Producer Miss Haze captivates people with her magnetic personality and her exciting bass heavy performances. This selectress is 1/2 of the supergroup "BITCH PLZ" and currently holds down residencies with The DnB Girls, Speaker Spanker Radio, Irie Cartel, Turnt Thursdays and Disco Donutz. To add to her eclectic resume, she is also a successful event promoter and lady behind Bass Cellar, a hit weekly in SF that ran for several years. This event solidified her position as a essential part and contributor to San Francisco's bass music scene. As a veteran DJ of over 15 years, Haze is not afraid to throw down with the big boys. She has opened for Andy C, Pendulum, Craze , DC Breaks , Legion and more

Her continually growing catalog of original music and remixes spans several genres with multiple releases having chart topping success. Collaborating with several artists worldwide and upcoming releases on multiple labels, her production skills are in high demand. In addition to producing and mixing it up behind the decks, she rocks a mic with charismatic style, seductive melodies and a sassy flow, resulting in a captivating live show. Always at the forefront of bass heavy music, she is an intrinsic part of the bass community. Whether it's on the mic, from behind the DJ booth or in the studio making hits, Miss Haze dominates the industry and throws down the sound wherever she goes