DnB Girls

Danielle aka kiD-Dee, is one of Calgary/ Los Angeles up and coming Drum and Bass artists to be on the lookout for. Having moved to Calgary from Grande Prairie in 2012, kiD-Dee quickly found her home in this cities iconic DnB scene as a diehard Junglist among the best of them. After falling in love even deeper with the sounds of Drum and Bass she naturally evolved the desire to want to create her own sounds based off the experiences from the amazing live shows she attended, and the musical preferences she had acquired along her journey. After jamming once with some of her best girlfriends she knew this was an activity she would love to do in her free time. She worked hard at completing her very own studio now she could start practicing at home. Which after only a year lead her to making her very own mixes. The quality and finesse behind these mixes quickly got the attention of many acquaintances in her community leading her to many exciting opportunities on the horizon. Keep your eyes open for kiD-Dee both behind the decks and on the dance floor and perhaps even at your favourite festivals. 2018 proves to be a big year for this lil freshy and we are certain kiD-Dee will continue to impress us with the progression of both her skills, style and awesome attitude. Meow