Crystal Fresh

DnB Girls // Sweet Ninja Fresh // The Wild Bunch // EleKtriK KolleKtivE

Crystal Fresh is no stranger to bustin' bassbins in clubs, venues, and festivals world-wide with her energetic style and grimy beats. Since 2002, Miss Fresh has been forging a name for herself within the dirty bass music scene performing alongside many talented music dj/producers including Simon Wish, Maurizio Ruggiero, Shamik Dynamik, Marcus Visionary, Stickybuds, and Special Ed. As an internationally touring DJ in search of the ultimate party, she has acquired culturally diverse experience in event promotion, music production, Mcing, singing, and top-notch mixing skills, alongside a residency at Bar Las Olas in Costa Rica. This enthusiastic and successful West Coast female has established and mastered an enterprising style of mixing that delves deep into the future of bass music, rocking clubs, parties and festivals world-wide!

Armed with a background in natural healing techniques coupled with an addiction to live performance, high energy double-drops, and heavy bass music, Miss Fresh transforms dance floors, evolving musical performance history. With her production work in full force and her fresh, energetic enthusiasm pushing her passion, this girl is heading for big things! Don't miss out on throwing the dirtiest bass music party of the year!... Book Crystal Fresh Now!