Dj Athena

The Crew // Bass Mafia // Two Tone

Athena has been involved in the Texas dance scene since the age of 15. She started her career by handing out flyers to promote for local events and quickly progressed to event coordinating and full scale promotion. Being Co-Founder of Ritual Kaos and BITCHESLOVEBASS.COM she has supported the Texas dance scene for over 15 years and works steadily to elevate the art . With her newest endeavor, she is earning the respect of the nation and overseas acts as well as the local Texas scene. Having been mentored by by Phooka and Mass Destruction( ScratchAssassin) its no wonder she has proven to be a dominant force in the electronic dance music scene. With in 6 months of her picking up records she was headlining out of state shows and playing regularly at legendary D&B Weeklies such as Two Tone and Battletech in dallas , DNB Sonar in Austin, and Frenzi in Houston. Within a year she was headlining all over central America such as Guatemala , Honduras and Costa Rica .She has quickly evolved as a DJ experimenting with everything from Drum N bass to Dubstep even Reggae there is no genre of music she can not conqur. Being on on the brightest up and coming artist she is sure to prove why athena is the goddess of war.