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JAHKiLLiN was beckoned to the underground music culture in the days of youth- mid 90’s….As she set out to explore,the jungle sound in particular called to her as it encompassed a wild- tribal energy that in her mind is parallel of ancient drum sounds. A sound conveying many things such as the celebration of united souls--rites of passages soon to be traveled or already conquered… Or a steadied set pace for anticipated Battle… To her, this Jungle Rhythm holds precise timing…yet simutaneoulsy sounding unbridled in moments as if reflecting untamed sporadic energy…

This was a mesmerizing encounter for JaHKiLLIn and it became and continues to be a passionate endeavor... This endeavor began with dance- then quickly evolved into a necessity for vinyl all day... where she learned to master the Turntable and Mashup… Consequently, this vinyl addiction and mix mastery led her into crossing paths with many like minded individuals who shared her same passion-striving with similar energy to communicate, reflect & portray this certain vibration,considered now more than ever as an enriched culture-Not just a Genre. Through this camaraderie she was led into performing within many production groups at an assortment of live events.This marked the beginning of JAHKiLLiN’s launch into further exploration and experimentation on almost every musical level.

Having played numerous instruments such as the Piano,cello,violin, and stand up Bass- while gaining musical experience as a member of a classical Orchestra for many years, she would learn to utilize the strategy of this musical composition towards her modern works… As well, over the years she has written for herself ,and has ghost written for others, uncountable amounts of lyrical content to be used for an array of genres.

Today, aside from just showcasing other coveted artists within her dj sets, JaHKiLLiN now dabbles in the art of music production. Although still fairly fresh into the tactics of developing original tracks,she’s not only produced arbitrary tracks for her own liking, but tracks that have been exclusively designed for other artists to be used in accompaniment to their own projects, such as for Videography and live runway purposes.

JaHKiLLiN Also now co-runs and designs for the vinyl Jungle label- LABELLESS RECORDS LLC. She does this alongside her partner Skott-aka SKooter,who has been the most inspirational and supportive to her musical endeavors… The Label releases feature many Original Old school Junglists, as well as some Fresh artists who are quickly making their mark with incredible talent